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According to the 1860 U. S. Slave Schedules, there were several Middlebrooks families that owned slaves in Jones County, GA.  One 1860 Slave Schedule lists John Middlebrooks as a white slave owner who owns 10 slaves. The
1860 U. S. Census shows John S. Middlebrooks married to Sophia Middlebrooks.  We believe our ancestors, Stephen and Caroline, were slaves owned by John and Sophia Middlebrooks in Jones County, GA.

In 1870, we see Sophia Middlebrooks listed alone (probably widowed) on the 1870 census living next door to OUR FREED ANCESTORS:

  • William (age 70) and Liza (age 43) with their children, Julia (age 18), Katy (age 16), Maria (age 14), and Adline (age 13)
  • Benjamin (age 22) and Letha (age 18)
  • Stephen (age 50) and Caroline (age 30)with their children, Henry (age 16), Stephen, Jr. (age 14), Adam (age 12), Aaron (age 4), and Lizzie(age 2) 

They are listed as farm laborers probably working on Sophia’s farm.  They most likely were enslaved there then
remained after emancipation in 1865.

It is also likely that William, Benjamin, and Stephen are related. The best guess is that William and Stephen are brothers and Benjamin is William’s newly married son.

The 1880 census shows Stephen at 65 years old without Caroline, possibly widowed, with 4 of their children, Aaron
(age 15), Lizzie (age 12), Nora (age 9) and Frank (age 6) still at home along with a niece, Julia (possibly William’s daughter which is additional evidence that William and Stephen were brothers) and two nephews, Willie and Henry (it’s
not clear who are the parents of Willie and Henry).

So, in summary...

Born in the early 1800's, Stephen and Caroline Middlebrooks eventually became the proud parents of 7 children:

Henry (1852)
Stephen (1856)
Adam (1858)
Aaron (1866)
Lizzie (1868)
Nora (1871)
Frank (1874)

Stephen and Caroline and likely some of their children grew up in slavery, but despite the odds,
we know that they are the heads of thriving and fruitful family lines.  So far, we know the most
about and this reunion includes the family lines from Stephen Jr., Adam, and Frank  Middlebrooks.
For more information, take a peek inside the Middlebrooks story...

Middlebrooks History Booklet 2010Middlebrooks History Booklet 2010

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